Saturday, 2 July 2016

Muirburn Code Review - Progress Update

This update is aimed primarily at members of the Steering Group, but it may be of interest to others.

The review process is well under way and a first rough draft of a revised Code has been produced. The Steering Group has been split into sub-groups to consider sections of the rough draft and propose improvements. The knowledge and experience within the Steering Group has been enhanced by the input from some additional specialists, but if anyone feels that they have specialist knowledge and experience that they would like to contribute to the review process, please let me know.

I have also established a Coordination Group to take an overview of the review process and to help me to develop the structure of the revised Code. This group has agreed some changes to the structure with the Scottish Government, and the comments received from the sub-groups will be used to develop the Code in this revised structure. 

The sub-groups have been asked to report by 22 July and comments will be incorporated to produce a revised draft of the Code for further comment.

It is intended that the revised Code will be mainly web-based, and the plan is to use a web-site for the development of the Code that will be accessed from the Moorland Forum’s website. When the next draft is in a state that is ready for wider circulation, I will add it to this web-site so that anyone will be able to view. A feedback system is planned for this website so that it will be simple for anyone to provide comments about the draft version.

Consideration will need to be given to where the final version of the Code will be hosted. Keeping it on the same website, linked to the Moorland Forum site, will be an option, but alternatives will be considered.

To promote the review process, posters have been displayed on stands at the Scottish Game Fair and a flyer and PowerPoint presentation are being prepared for circulation, when the draft Code is added to the website. It will be possible download the PowerPoint presentation so that it can be given at meetings and gatherings where attendees are interested to learn more about the review of the Code.

The next revision of the draft is due to be ready at the end of August.

Talk & walk workshops are being planned to take place during the next muirburn season, from 1 Oct 2016. These will aim to review the draft revised Code with practitioners in four different locations.  Current thinking is:

North and west
Possible venue: Isle Ornsay Estate, Skye.

North and east
Edinglassie Estate, Huntly.

South and east
Estate in the Lammermuirs

Workshop in Battleby (no site visit).

I plan to firm up these ideas during July, but I will welcome any alternative suggestions.

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